Matt Amy

Composer - Arranger - Orchestrator

17th December 2015

My new site!!! Yeah!!! A little while since the last update, but here we go.

Some projects over the last couple of months have been:
- Dancing with the Stars - Australia (arranging)
- Great Aussie Ball (musical director & arranger for Kate Cebrano, Jon Stevens, Hetty Kate, Bob Valentine and The Chantoozies)
- Assisting Jigsaw Music on some David Hobson arrangements

September 7th 2015

This is my first update for the year so it's kind of lengthy.

2015 has been busy so far, currently working on the Victorian State School Spectacular. The students have been working hard, my involvement has been arranger, Rhythm Section tutor, Trombone tutor and Keyboard/Synthesizer programming.

The show performances are on September 12th (2pm and 7pm), tickets can be purchased here (
In among all of this there have been plenty of other arranging, gigs and teaching.

I've also been put onto the Executive Board for MAGA (Music Arrangers Guild of Australia) - what this space for some exciting developments.

Some other projects for 2015 have included:

- Arranging for Stanley Allyn Owen

- Arranging for Giovanni Washington - Wright (Gio created and operates the 'Usual Suspects - L.A Studio Musician' Website -
- Producing and arranging for Simavi Ulec, album to be release early next year through EMI
- Musical Director for the Kew Festival, this is a piece I wrote for the Finale called 'Shining Light'

- Copying for Victorian Opera
- Copying for Richard Gill 'Rememberance'
- Lots of arranging for various schools and gigs.

Some 2013 - 2014 Projects
- Producer/engineer for Euan Doidge 'Let it Sing' album, available on itunes.
- Arranging for Victorian State School Spectacular
- Arranging for Australia Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Anothony Callea, Vika & Linda Bull, Daryl Braithwaite & Tim Campbell.
- Arranging for Auckland Philharmonia featuring Ronan Keating and Mel C
- Arranging, playing Trombone and Synth for 'Let's Get it on - life and music of Marvin Gaye' (
- Arranging for Robbistine Myles (Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships)
- Arranging for Jonathan Whitlow (Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships)
- Arranging for Bella Note agency (New York)
- Arranging for Samys Band (Brazil)
- Arranging for Dancing with the Stars (Australia)